Books by Belinda Everette:

After 26 years in Corporate America, as an SVP for industry giants, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Countrywide/Bank of America, Belinda left the briefcase and the boardroom, and opted to make a difference through the power of the pen.

“My financial services career gave me experiences of a lifetime, of which the most rewarding were hiring or promoting someone for a job well done.  Mentoring and career development were privileges I hold in the highest regard.  Helping a person become the best version of themselves is a true honor and a responsibility that I value more than the job itself.” 

From early childhood, the written word has been a passion and Belinda chose to pursue dreams of artistic self-expression through writing.   After completing creative writing studies at Rice University in 2014, writing projects became the priority.   

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Children's Author: Belinda Everette